Cao Dewang, Chairman Area

“I have always believed that an entrepreneur carries three responsibilities:Mightiness of the nation,Advancement of the society,Abundance of the people. By achieving the aboved three items,皇冠娱乐注册,皇冠娱乐平台,皇冠娱乐:an entrepreneur can fully deserve his title.”[View]

Wonderful Atlas
  • Fuyao Glass Industry Group’s Cao Dewang named Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur Of The Year 2009

  • The?Chairman?of?Fuyao?Group?signed?an?agreement?with?the?Vice?President?of?PPG?to?purchase?PPG's?plant?and?its?two?production?lines?in?Mt.?Zion,?Illinois.

  • The Heren Philanthropic Foundation was established in Beijing on May 5, 2011 with RMB 300 million worth of Fuyao stock donated by the family of Cao Dewang

  • Fuyao Group accelerated its pace of international expansion, entered the international capital market and successfully listed shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

  • Fuyao group established

  • In the presence of then Chinese President Hu Jintao and then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Fuyao Group’s Chairman Cao Dewang and Kaluga Governor Anatoly Artamonov signed an investment project cooperation agreement in the Kremlin, where Fuyao committe

  • In?the?presence?of?Ohio Governor John Kasich, Fuyao?Chairman Cao Dewang signed?an?agreement?with?IRG?Chairman?Stuart Lichter to?purchase?the?former?General?Motors'?facility?in?Moraine, Ohio, thereby initiating?Fuyao's?U.S. Projects

  • Fuyao believes that supporting education is one of its important social responsibilities. Fuyao Glass America Inc. donated $7 million to the University of Dayton on January 9, 2015 to help develop the University’s China Institute in the Suzhou Industrial

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