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Innovation Platform
R&D History
R&D Capability
Computer SimulationMold, Tooling Design and ProcessingAntenna TechnologyCoating TechnologyEquipment Design and DevelopmentProduct Design and DevelopmentInspection and Testing
R&D Direction


  • Safe and comfortable

    Safe and comfortable

R&D of Hardware conditions

Research and Development of Test Equipment

Pilot test furnace steel, dual-chamber furnace, mini furnace, pyrolysis spraying equipment, magnetron sputtering laboratory testing darkroom indoor antenna.

Testing Equipment

Moore scanners, spectrophotometer, xenon lamp aging instrument, XRF spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrometer, TMA, vibration tester, precision Rally, bridge CMM, flexible coordinate, contact angle measurement, cold light desktop colorimeter, melt Index instrument, measuring sulfur analyzer and other equipment more than 100 units, worth more than 4,000 yuan, are the most advanced high precision and advanced detection, analysis, testing equipment.

R & D Funding

Company as a state-level enterprise technical centers, the annual R & D expenditure is up 2.3 percent over year sales revenue, and the establishment of a dedicated R & D funding to provide adequate funding for research and technology center, so that the research and development work has been substantial protection.
R&D Projects in the Field of Automotive Glass
  • New Materials Research
    Accessories Ink, Silver, PVB, etc.
  • New Equipment Research
    Molding equipment, quality inspection and monitoring equipment
  • New Technology
    Ultra-thin glass, large glass sphere
  • New Product Research
    Coated glass, coated antenna, solar sunroof, dimmable glass, anti-reflective glass, etc.
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