Locomotive glass

locomotive cab includes front windshield glass, cab side windows, headlight glass. I produced the locomotive cab glass, optical properties, mechanical properties, electric properties, aging performance to fully meet TB / T 1451-2007, BS EN 15152-2007, NF F15-818, UIC 651 and other standards. Another powerful anti-shock impact resistance, aging resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation. Locomotives, subway before the wind light transmittance of more than 80%, the first high-speed train windshield transmittance over 75%; and has a strong impact resistance, can withstand high-speed train windscreen 1kg aluminum shells to 560km / h in impact velocity impact, aluminum shells do not penetrate the glass, the back without any spatter, impact resistance to meet the speed of 400km / h high-speed train front door needs.

locomotive passenger compartment glass into hollow glass, cut glass, emergency escape glass, luggage rack and glass, to provide security for the passengers safe and comfortable experience. Insulating glass with excellent thermal insulation properties, noise performance, resistance to weathering resistance, pressure, etc., in line with the requirements of environmental protection and energy. I produced the locomotive passenger compartment glass has the following advantages:

1. Good insulation. The middle layer of dry air or argon gas thermal conductivity is very low, with coated glass, thermal conductivity is greatly reduced, whether it is winter or summer thermal insulation effect of heating air conditioning and refrigeration can take time to good energy saving effect.

2. Strong anti-frost. Off effect in the middle of the air layer, the inner layer of glass to ensure the temperature is not too low, coupled with the hollow cavity of the desiccant action can ensure outdoor temperature -60 ℃ without condensation.

3. Good sound insulation. Insulating glass spacer sound good too, can cut off the sound 30dB ~ 40dB.

4. Good security. Monolithic composition of insulating glass with tempered glass, while ensuring adequate strength security breaches can occur when an emergency situation can quickly escape.

Tempered glass Laminated glass Heatable glass Film glass splash Coated Glass Hollow glass
    Thermally-tempered Glass
    • The main advantage of
      1)Bending, impact strength chemical tempered glass is much better than the physical, after crushing can maintain the original visibility, you can cut reprocessing. 2)high bending resistance and impact resistance;When broken,the glass will fragment into small pieces without sharp edges and cause no injuries to people.
    • Main applications
      Windshield,side window,bulkhead,compartment for automotive and locomotive
    Chemically-tempered Glass
    • The main advantage of
      Chemically-tempered Glass:higher bending resistance and impact resistance than thermally-tempered glass;When broken,the glass will remain the same visibility and can be put into recycle.
    • Main applications
      Windshield,side window,bulkhead,compartment for automotive and locomotive
    • The main advantage of
      (1) High Impact Resistance
      (2) High Safety Performance
    • Main applications
      Main Applications:windshield,side window,compartment for automotive and locomotive
    • The main advantage of
      (1) Wire-heated Glass or Coating-heated Glass
      (2) To defog or melt snow/ice on the windshield for better visibility and safe driving.
    • Main applications
      Windshield for automotive and locomotive
    • The main advantage of
      When hit by force in a high speed,the glass will not be penetrated and spatter on the driver with sharp pieces.
    • Main applications
      Windshield for high-speed train
    • The main advantage of
      1)Low-E glass has high light transmittance which can effectively cut off IR heat and create comfort inside the car.2)Coated glass responses to sunlight with high reflectivity,it possesses a fine light transmittance.
    • Main applications
      Motorcycle glass side window
    • The main advantage of
      Acoustic insulation,Thermal insulation,Frostproof,Moistureproof,亚虎娱乐登录,亚虎娱乐网址,亚虎娱乐:High Wind Resistance
    • Main applications
      side window for automotive and locomotive
Assembly technology
  • Ming box (welded frame + glass + + positioning stopper lock file)

  • Invisible window (frame + glass + no welding stopper lock)

  • Flip window (outside Fanchuang + glass + alarm + gas spring)

  • Frame / rail

  • Out of class

  • Extrusion Extrusion class + allogeneic class

  • Stamping

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